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  • Cutting Blood Pressure

    A new model of care teams pharmacists with barbers to fight the deadly health epidemic of hypertension—which affects African-American men more than almost any other group in the world.

  • She’s Got Guts

    Rising star Suzanne Devkota, PhD, is passionate about the convergence of food, health, and the bugs that live in our guts. Her ever-present “poop pillow” serves as an icebreaker for her mission to destigmatize discussion of fecal matter.

  • Gifts that Count

    In 2018, Cedars-Sinai completed an eight-year, $615 million fundraising campaign that inspired collaboration among physicians, surgeons, scientists, and patients. Here we highlight some of the significant achievements of The Campaign for Cedars-Sinai.


  • Style and Substance: Rita Shane, PharmD

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    Chief Pharmacy Officer Rita Shane is always scanning for opportunities: career advancement for students and staff, system improvements for safer medication management, and a sale on green suede slingbacks.


  • Worldwide Wellness

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    Cedars-Sinai investigators partner around the globe to export the medical center’s lifesaving advances in biomedicine to physicians and patients in need.


  • Edge of Tomorrow

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    To bring access to tomorrow’s breakthrough therapies, novel devices, and new approaches to today’s patients, academic medical centers must embrace and promote clinical research as the path to knowledge that will serve patients locally and, ultimately, globally.

Web Exclusive

  • Married to the Microbiome

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    Gastroenterologist Mark Pimentel, MD, and endocrinologist Ruchi Mathur, MD, are not only married, but they’ve also successfully united their two fields of research. Here, they retrace the evolution of their unlikely partnership as medical investigators.

News & Notes

  • Disparaging Asparagine

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    Asparagine, a nonessential amino acid commonly found in food, may hold a key to limiting the spread of an often-deadly type of breast cancer.

  • The Rebounder

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    A former professional basketball player and globetrotter, Lisa S. Thomas has spent the last 19 years studying inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at Cedars-Sinai.