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Innovation 4: The Smart Hospital Room

Cedars-Sinai aims to boldly go where few medical centers have gone before. Discoveries asked Patricia “Peachy” Hain, MSN, RN, executive director of Medical and Surgical Nursing Services—and an ardent Star Trek fan—to imagine the ideal hospital room, with innovations already Read On

Short List of Failed Innovations

Some drugs and devices catapult medical science into previously unfathomable heights of greatness. Others, not so much. Here, an incomplete collection of treatments that failed, sooner or later.

10 Innovations to Transform Medicine in the Next Decade

We are a nation immersed in innovation. Self-driving cars, drones, civilian space flight, 3-D printing— these novelties promise to enhance (or confound) the human experience. Innovation in medicine races alongside advancement in other fields…

My Favorite Innovation

The X-ray machine, the flu vaccine, anesthesia—not so long ago, these medical standards heralded paradigm shifts in the way we manage disease. Investigators continue to improve quality of life with new techniques, devices, and drugs for maladies big and small.

For the Boys

Scientists have struggled for decades to find answers for boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a devastating muscle disorder. But now, new research into cardiac stem cells is offering hope — and going straight to the heart of what cuts patients’ lives so short.

Air Supply

Incurable. Degenerative. Terminal. For decades, those terms have lingered in the ears of patients with a little-known lung disease while they have listened in vain for good news from the scientific community. Finally, investigators are breathing new life into the quest for novel treatments.

On Top of Their Game

Parkinson’s disease notoriously robs the body of its ability to move. Some patients can no longer walk, and many feel ‘frozen’ in their bodies. The five men and women portrayed in these pages slowed the excruciating creep of the disease in the most challenging way possible: They decided to move more — and with more determination — than ever before.

The Weapon Inside

After years of failure, immunotherapy finally is working wonders for some cancers, transforming death sentences into long-term remission. The problem? It doesn’t work in most cancers — at least, not yet.