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Hospital Room With a View

Research at Cedars-Sinai demonstrates the technology can offer a therapeutic distraction to hospital patients by transporting them to a different universe.

One Smart Dummy

The job of an anesthesiologist might seem simple: Put the patient to sleep; keep the patient asleep; wake the patient up. But an anesthesiologist’s job is a vital and delicate balancing act that includes managing critical life functions and coordinating with a surgical team.

A Warmer Kind of Cooler

More than 2,400 hearts were transplanted in the U.S. last year, most of them packed on ice in an old-fashioned picnic cooler. But there are drawbacks to this form of transportation.

Inner Space

A camera used in space exploration to study planets and distant galaxies may soon travel to your neighborhood operating room. Read On

My iPad

There’s an app for that! Cedars-Sinai’s Steven Galen, MD, shares a few of the innovative ways in which the iPad helps both him and his patients. Read On

My Device: LVAD

More than 5 million Americans are afflicted with congestive heart failure. Of these, 70,000 will have advanced heart failure that cannot be treated with conventional therapies. For these patients, the one-year survival rate is less than 50 percent and is Read On

My Device: The Cotton-Tip Applicator

A ubiquitous bathroom staple – the Q tip®—may be a key tool in the war against surgical infections. Postoperative surgical-site infections remain a major source of illness and a cause of death in patients. These infections number approximately 500,000 per Read On

My Device: A Very Cool Baby Blanket

The neonatal cooling blanket system is the latest development in preventing and minimizing brain damage in babies who have been deprived of adequate oxygen before or during birth (a condition called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy). In the past, no treatment was available Read On