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Head Cold

A potential new therapy to prevent crippling brain damage after a stroke could one day help save lives or prevent paralysis in millions of people globally.


Jellyfish are primitive invertebrates that can be found in every ocean and at every depth, from the deep sea to the surface. And now they appear in digital form on the sixth floor of the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, where Read On

How to Move a Lab

Moving labs to the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion required strict planning and careful organization. Taking precious stem cell lines from one building to another is not quite like transporting your futon from your college dorm to your first apartment, but there are some striking similarities. Here’s how it’s done.

It Takes Guts

If Stephan Targan, MD, has his way, a series of diminutive intestines growing and regenerating in petri dishes will lead to a revolutionary new way to study and treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). About 1 million Americans suffer from IBD, Read On

Stephen Hawking Visits Stem Cell Labs

Legendary cosmologist and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has spent his career addressing the mysteries of the universe. He recently paid a visit to the Regenerative Medicine Institute and met with Neuromuscular Medicine Director Robert Baloh, MD, PhD, and Institute Director Read On

Hearts and Minds

With the Heart Institute and neurosciences sharing research and clinical space in the new Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, let’s see how tickers and gray matter match up at Cedars-Sinai and elsewhere.

Digital Radiography’s Hip Factor

Until recently, the success of a total hip replacement could only be accurately evaluated after the surgeon left the operating room. Orthopedic surgeon Brad Penenberg, MD, is changing that. Software he designed helps measure placement accuracy during an operation. His Read On

Connecting the Dots

The research universe at Cedars-Sinai is boundless. Investigators are currently conducting more than 1,000 studies that cover the entire spectrum of disease investigation in areas such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and neuroscience. At the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, institutes in Read On