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Labyrinthine Lingo

Can you match the medical nomenclature in the left column to the synonyms in the right column?

Metro Matchmaker

Match the name of the famous hospital to the city it calls home. Need a hint? We’ve provided some tidbits to give you a clue. Congratulations! You have completed the Metro Matchmaker puzzle. Browse other puzzles. Go back to the Read On

(Cross)Word to the Wise

Looking for just a hint or two? Hover over the clue you are having problems with and click the link to read the story. Ready for all to be revealed? Click anywhere on the puzzle grid for the complete solution. Read On


In solving a puzzle, details are important—whether you are a scientific researcher or just having fun! Take a peek at these beakers and flasks. Can you choose the silhouette outline that’s an exact match of the photograph? Click the numbered Read On