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Equity Investment

All the best medical centers strive for health equity — but it cannot be achieved through lip service. We must embrace a deep understanding of the concept and teach it to the next generation of caregivers.

Sex Matters

Sarah Kilpatrick, MD, PhD, discusses the goal of gender equity in health research to prevent women from being misdiagnosed, overprescribed, or otherwise harmed by a medical system that has been designed predominantly around the male body.

Vaccination and the Challenges of Success

Growing up in the 1940s was a dangerous venture: In America, thousands of children died every year from diseases we rarely hear about today. Diphtheria took the lives of nearly 2,000 — the same number that succumbed to paralysis from Read On

Library Guard

Many hospitals around the country question the value of keeping a medical library. Cedars-Sinai doesn’t. Here’s why. Over the last decade, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Library has evolved into a powerful resource for improving patient outcomes and bolstering support for research. Read On