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Prying Eyes

Physicians fortunately no longer have to pry open eyelids and prod eyeballs with small metal tools to check for disease, as was the case with early optometric equipment like the Schiøtz tonometer. The device tested eye pressure by measuring the Read On

Into the Ether

The Schimmelbusch mask, invented in 1890 and named for its German creator, introduced a portable, hygienic way to put someone under for surgery.

Feeling Pumped

Cedars-Sinai’s Historical Conservancy maintains an extensive collection of donated artifacts such as Ingram’s bicycle horn-style breast pump, which was operated by repeatedly squeezing a rubber suction bulb.

Hold the Onions

In the early 20th century, the dye bromsulphalein was used to test liver function. A patient would be injected with the dye and then, about 30 minutes later, blood was drawn and put into a centrifuge to separate out a clear serum. The serum was mixed with a chemical solution to bring out the color of the dye, which was compared to a set of color standards.