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Winter 2012

In Good Hands

Fire Captain Larry Davis had spent his life helping people in need. But after a horrific blaze devastated his hands, he faced a lifetime of limitations—until a dedicated surgeon reopened his world. Read On

10 Big Ideas

What ideas are shaping tomorrow’s medicine? What are the coming innovations in treating heart disease and cancer? What is the latest thinking in genetics and regenerative medicine? From the minds of our scientists and clinicians, we bring you 10 noteworthy, thought-provoking ideas that have the potential to transform medicine. Read On

Sharp Focus

Michael Sharp’s apartment is a short walk from the beach, but Michael isn’t much of a beachgoer. He looks the type: laid-back, low-key, introspective, hair about shoulder length. But the self-described “kind of a geek” would rather play video games—his Read On

The Accidental Idea

From the chance discovery of quinine as a malaria treatment in the 17th century to Alexander Fleming’s accidental encounter with penicillium mold in 1928, some of medicine’s most important advances have occurred through serendipity or error. Call them happy accidents. Read On

From Inspiration to Device

Peter Barath, MD, was concerned that some patients who had previously undergone procedures to clear blocked coronary arteries were returning months later with a condition called restenosis—renarrowing of the arteries. Read On

“But wait!” Great Ideas and the Odd Observation

When you finish an experiment and the results support your hypothesis, you are probably having a good day in the lab. But when the unexpected happens and you step back, shake your head, and take another puzzled look, GREAT! Great Read On

Who’s Who: Steven Rad, MD

Over the winter holiday of 2010, Steven Rad, MD—a third-year obstetrics and gynecology resident at Cedars-Sinai—traveled 9,300 miles to Mbarara Hospital in Uganda in East Africa. For one week, he and his mentor Dotun Ogunyemi, MD, director of Cedars-Sinai’s Obstetrics and Gynecology residency training program, partnered with their counterparts in Mbarara, seeing patients, conducting rounds, delivering babies, and teaching. Read On


One single novel idea emerging from a scientist’s imagination has the potential to help countless patients around the world, making it crucial to map out the quickest route from discovery to delivery. Enter the Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Office, which plays Read On