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Winter 2016

Cedars-Sinai Historical Conservancy

Since its inception in 1902, Cedars-Sinai has evolved to become the largest nonprofit hospital in the western United States. The Historical Conservancy at Cedars-Sinai has been created to collect, restore, preserve, archive and exhibit artifacts and documents related to the Read On

Keith Black & The First Eye Test for Alzheimer’s

Chair of Neurosurgery Keith L. Black, MD, lost his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. His personal tragedy has motivated a groundbreaking invention, based on the research of Maya Koronyo, PhD and Yosef Koronyo, MsC, LLB, that will result in the first Read On

The Sound of Musing

What happens when a neuron fires? Ueli Rutishauser, PhD, explains. Watch Video

From the Dean of Faculty

Shlomo Meldmed, MD, on the $600 million Campaign for Cedars-Sinai, which focuses on five strategic initiatives: disease prevention and control; precision medicine and targeted therapies; aging and longevity; innovations in healthcare and technology; and education and training.


Chelsy Colangelo knows her brain is dying. “I’ve had a stroke! You have to help me!” But the plea collapses before reaching her lips. Instead, Chelsy’s frantic thoughts spin circles in a smoldering maze of circuits in her brain — only to crash, crumble, or vaporize in the glare of emergency room lights. Her brain is dying, and no one knows but her.

Genetic Protection From Diabetes

An international team of scientists led by a Cedars-Sinai investigator has identified a genetic mutation that appears to protect people from developing Type 2 diabetes.

Stats: Women in Clinical Trials

24 Percentage of female participants in heart-related studies (reported in 2014), even though heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. 3 The number of representatives in Congress currently co-sponsoring the Research for All Act. Read On

Vaccination and the Challenges of Success

Growing up in the 1940s was a dangerous venture: In America, thousands of children died every year from diseases we rarely hear about today. Diphtheria took the lives of nearly 2,000 — the same number that succumbed to paralysis from Read On