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aluminum-thumbAluminum Foiled

The aluminum in your pots and pans wont give you Alzheimer’s disease. Nor do hair dyes cause brain cancer. But what about cell phones? And microwaves? Our neuroscience experts set the record straight on common myths and misconceptions surrounding brain diseases.

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Bench Notes

diabetes-tmbGenetic Protection From Diabetes

An international team of scientists led by a Cedars-Sinai investigator has identified a genetic mutation that appears to protect people from developing Type 2 diabetes.

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My Device

one-smart-dummy-tmbOne Smart Dummy

The job of an anesthesiologist might seem simple: Put the patient to sleep; keep the patient asleep; wake the patient up. But an anesthesiologist’s job is a vital and delicate balancing act that includes managing critical life functions and coordinating with a surgical team.

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shelly-lu-tmbLife & Science: Shelly Lu, MD

Dr. Shelly Lu is back. She first arrived at Cedars-Sinai as a resident in internal medicine. Twenty-five years later, she has earned a distinguished position in her field, attracted the acclaim of her peers, and built a life philosophy that she is putting to work as the new director of Cedars-Sinai’s Division of Gastroenterology.

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Stats: Women in Clinical Trials

24 Percentage of female participants in heart-related studies (reported in 2014), even though heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. 3 The number of representatives in Congress currently co-sponsoring the Research for All Act. Read On

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Who's Who

eugenio-cingolani-tmbThe Timekeeper

More than 150,000 Americans each year have an electronic pacemaker implanted to help their hearts beat normally. Eugenio Cingolani, MD, is developing a radically different kind of pacemaker — one made of a patient’s own cells.

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Faculty News

Faculty News: Winter 2016

Richard Bergman, PhD, received the Albert Renold Award from the American Diabetes Association for his outstanding work training new generations of diabetes researchers and facilitating scientific investigation in the field. Director of Cedars-Sinai’s Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute and the Read On

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From the Dean

From the Dean of Faculty

Shlomo Meldmed, MD, on the $600 million Campaign for Cedars-Sinai, which focuses on five strategic initiatives: disease prevention and control; precision medicine and targeted therapies; aging and longevity; innovations in healthcare and technology; and education and training.

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