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cables_tmbStorm Chasers

In a landmark discovery, Cedars-Sinai investigators showed that more than 50 percent of sudden cardiac arrest patients experience warning symptoms up to a month before suffering the event — a deadly condition that, until now, seemed to strike without warning.

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Bench Notes

bananas_tmbBananas About a Protein

A tiny molecule discovered by Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute investigators — and fittingly named the “banana protein” — might hold the key to predicting heart failure.

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My Device

hospital_room_with_a_view_tmbHospital Room With a View

Research at Cedars-Sinai demonstrates the technology can offer a therapeutic distraction to hospital patients by transporting them to a different universe.

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Simon Gayther, PhDThe Power of Prediction: Simon Gayther, PhD

Simon Gayther, PhD, is serious about the science of disease prediction and prevention. The renowned ovarian and breast cancer researcher — a new recruit to Cedars-Sinai and a transplant from across the pond — opens up about the challenges of assessing genetic risk factors and the joys of clowning around.

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Swan-Ganz CatheterInventions and Discoveries

The Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Office plays a crucial role in helping bring new therapies and medical devices created at the medical center to the marketplace, where they can have the greatest impact on society.

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Who's Who

The TrailblazerThe Trailblazer

Jennifer Van Eyk is a leader in proteomics, which uses molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to analyze the structure, functions, and interactions of proteins.

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Faculty News

Faculty News: Fall 2016

A Cedars-Sinai group led by Beth Y. Karlan, MD, has been awarded a grant from the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to support research into the relationship between the evolution of ovarian carcinoma and the microenvironment.

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From the Dean

From the Dean of Faculty

The recently launched Cedars-Sinai Precision Health efficiently delivers precise and personalized healthcare solutions to patients. Precision medicine requires integration of advanced technology, the latest biomedical discoveries, and rigorous bioinformatics to tailor disease treatments and prevention strategies to each individual.

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