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beat-goes-onThe Beat Goes On

A heart transplant can save patients like Jim Stavis from near-death and return them to a normal life. The next challenge: making a new heart last a lifetime.

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Bench Notes

head-coldHead Cold

A potential new therapy to prevent crippling brain damage after a stroke could one day help save lives or prevent paralysis in millions of people globally.

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My Device

warmer-kind-of-coolerA Warmer Kind of Cooler

More than 2,400 hearts were transplanted in the U.S. last year, most of them packed on ice in an old-fashioned picnic cooler. But there are drawbacks to this form of transportation.

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Lindsey-Ross-thumbQ&A with Lindsey Ross, Brain Surgeon in the Making

When Lindsey Ross arrives at the hospital in the early-morning darkness and doesn’t leave until close to midnight, she considers herself lucky: What once seemed like a faraway goal—becoming a doctor—is now her reality as a second-year resident in Cedars-Sinai’s Neurological Surgery Residency Program.

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We Need This Stat

8.6 MILLION Approximate number of American women currently living with heart disease 71 Percentage of women who experience early warning signs of a heart attack but do not display typical male symptoms 12 to 1 Ratio of women who die Read On

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Faculty News

Faculty News: Winter 2014

BARRY R. STRIPP, PhD, an expert in lung stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, has joined Cedars-Sinai as director of the Department of Medicine’s new Lung Stem Cell Research Program, which encompasses the Women’s Guild Lung Institute and the Regenerative Read On

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From the Dean

From the Dean of Faculty

Can a structure of steel and stone determine the course of medical discovery in the age of genomics and nanomedi- cine? That question is posed with the recent opening of Cedars-Sinai’s Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion. For answers, we need to Read On

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