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Over the past eight years, women and men throughout our community helped us forge synergistic partnerships to chart the future of medicine.

Campaign Feats

Cedars-Sinai has long been renowned for unparalleled physician-scientists and caregivers who span all medical specialties. But our strength also derives from an equally praiseworthy constituency: the people whose support of our work makes it possible. Our secret weapon has always been our dedicated community partners, our supporters who consistently boost our efforts to combat disease, improve patient outcomes, and enhance quality of life.

The recently completed Campaign for Cedars-Sinai proved this yet again. Over the past eight years, women and men throughout our community helped us forge synergistic partnerships to chart the future of medicine. The initiative yielded truly astonishing achievements, from establishing world-class institutes and programs to raising the bar on outstanding graduate education. By every measure, it was a resounding success—one built on generous investments from donors and volunteers who share our vision of a healthier world.

The list of campaign accomplishments is impressive. We launched the Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute, making waves in stem cell science with the potential to cure the most devastating illnesses. We took our Smidt Heart Institute to the next level, bringing together 16 centers and programs to diagnose and treat the full spectrum of heart and vascular afflictions for all patients. We made giant leaps forward in understanding and treating cancers of the brain, prostate, and more.

In addition, investigators at Cedars-Sinai pioneered new approaches to combating multiple conditions, including liver disease, lung disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, orthopaedic injuries, and high-risk pregnancies. We set records in heart transplantation, and developed an international reputation for our ability to treat highly sensitized transplant recipients—those whose antibodies make them more prone to organ rejection—and for using mechanical circulatory support to aid those awaiting a transplant. Through our fellowship programs, we trained some of the most talented up-and-coming physicians and scientists from around the globe. We also added 19 endowed chairs and funded 450 research projects through the campaign, providing the commitment and backing for our distinguished specialists to advance discovery and set new standards of care.

With each milestone, we broke fresh ground in our effort to reshape the medical landscape. The path was not without challenges, but you, our incredible community of contributors, proved up to the task. For your friendship and focus, your perseverance and passion, I offer heartfelt thanks.

Shlomo Melmed, MD
Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dean of the Medical Faculty
Helene A. and Philip E. Hixon Distinguished Chair in Investigative Medicine

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