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Can a structure of steel and stone determine the course of medical discovery in the age of genomics and nanomedi- cine? That question is posed with the recent opening of Cedars-Sinai’s Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion. For answers, we need to delve into our past.

Consider the state of medicine in the U.S. when our predecessor, Kaspare Cohn Hospital, welcomed its first patients in 1902. The biggest killers were pneumonia, influenza, and tuberculosis. Ninety percent of physicians had no college education, and average life expectancy was 50 years.

What a difference 112 years makes! Average life expectancy has jumped by more than 30 years. The leading causes of death are diseases largely associated with aging and degeneration: heart disease, cancer, stroke, and lung disease. Perhaps the most telling evolution is that physicians are now given the most rigorous graduate education in the country—a tradition honored here at Cedars-Sinai in our extensive Graduate Medical Education and PhD programs.

Cedars-Sinai remains a major force in generating healthcare advances and education for our nation. Our guiding principles stand fast as we continue to serve the community as we have since 1902. We are proud of our success in attracting and retaining women and men at the forefront of medicine. We also appreciate the importance of providing core resources for translating discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic.

The new Pavilion is a tremendous vehicle in the quest for medical discovery as we develop precision medicine for our patients. This magnificent structure integrates the finest in clinical care with the vanguard of scientific discovery. Our superb laboratories and surgical procedure suites are tomorrow’s state-of-the-art design.

Most importantly, this building represents a remarkable synthesis of intellectual talent and cutting-edge technology. In the Pavilion, our physicians and scientists collaborate in synergy, working together with our community to advance the science of health.

This special issue of Discoveries magazine takes you inside the Pavilion, to the laboratories where intuition meets execution, on the floors where compassion meets cure, in the procedure rooms where skills meet technology—all at the intersection of collaboration and imagination that leads to a kinder and healthier world.

Shlomo Melmed, MD
Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dean of the Medical Faculty
Helene A. and Philip E. Hixon Chair in Investigative Medicine

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