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  1. Kimm C says:

    That is why I love Cedars!!!!!!!!!

  2. linda rubin says:

    excellence, competence, caring and compassion, just the the best.
    dr. black is my genius hero. dr. tagliatti, superb, dr. baloh, tops in his field, dr.janet white, a great and thorough internist, dr wu, dr, bae, dr. bose and dr. marina vaysburd and dr.noel bairey merz all the tops in their fields and everyone in radiology and all of dr. black’s incredible staff. also, last but not least warm thanks to tom prisolec, erica, bernadette, laurice trice, laticia shelton, suzanne brien and doug sternich. you are all real mensches. creme de la creme, and i am forever grateful to all of you.

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