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Swan-Ganz Catheter

The Swan-Ganz Catheter, invented in the early 1970s by two Cedars-Sinai cardiologists, revolutionized the way the medical community understood the physiology of heart failure and heart attacks, and is still a gold standard in cardiac medicine more than 45 years later, helping guide the treatment of critically ill patients throughout the world. Photo: Clint Blowers

The Cedars-Sinai Technology Transfer Office plays a crucial role in helping bring new therapies and medical devices created at the medical center to the marketplace, where they can have the greatest impact on society. The office secures patent protection and licensing agreements for breakthroughs developed by Cedars-Sinai physicians and scientists. The institution reinvests royalties generated by licensing these advances back into research programs to facilitate new discoveries that will eventually join the technology-transfer pipeline.


The Cedars-Sinai tech-transfer team manages the intellectual property portfolios of more than 300 technologies, including potential new diagnostics and treatments for cancer, cardiovascular conditions, and inflammatory bowel disease.


In FY 2016, Cedars-Sinai investigators submitted 99 new inventions to the Technology Transfer Office.


The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued 24 new patents for Cedars-Sinai technologies in FY 2016.

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