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Special Report

Special Report

We know more about cancer today than ever before, from the molecular structure of tumors to the genetic foundation of the disease. What was once seen as a single enemy to be defeated is now understood to be a complex puzzle to be solved. Discoveries magazine explores a few of the pieces in this special report.

Across the Expanding Universe Across the Expanding Universe

Old research paradigms are being challenged, as is the notion of a “war,” with cancer as a finite enemy. Does this signal a turning point in the quest for cures? Read On

  • The Early BirdThe Early Bird

    Some 40 percent of Americans remain unaware that they can take steps to prevent or reduce their cancer risk. Why is this potentially lifesaving tune so often tuned out? Read On

  • The Long EngagementThe Long Engagement

    Cancer is morphing from an acute killer into something few predicted four decades ago: a chronic, manageable disease that can be survived. Meet Jeff Tirengel, who is in a long-term relationship with cancer. Read On

  • A Different ApproachA Different Approach

    Meet four researchers who choose to outsmart cancer by thinking outside the box. Read On

  • What Now?What Now?

    Without changes in policy, funding, and clinical trial design, the latest cancer discoveries will not translate into cures, or not fast enough. Read On