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The Diversity Question

Can precision medicine help solve the problem of inadequate diversity in medical research? The practice of precision medicine may contain its own solution: Technology has made it easier than ever to tap into the complexity of all humankind.

Model Behavior

Harnessing the power of big data and virtual modeling, Chirag G. Patil, MD, and his team create a comprehensive profile of each patient’s cancer. Their work furthers the quest to personalize treatment for a pernicious disease.

To Outsmart Cancer

Mysteries surrounding cancer genomics have been stripped away in recent years, exposing the disease as a target for precision medicine. Monica Mita, MD, co-director of Experimental Therapeutics at Cedars-Sinai, explains how oncology research stands to gain ground in the near future.

Aluminum Foiled

The aluminum in your pots and pans wont give you Alzheimer’s disease. Nor do hair dyes cause brain cancer. But what about cell phones? And microwaves? Our neuroscience experts set the record straight on common myths and misconceptions surrounding brain diseases.

Stats: Women in Clinical Trials

24 Percentage of female participants in heart-related studies (reported in 2014), even though heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. 3 The number of representatives in Congress currently co-sponsoring the Research for All Act. Read On

Active Duties

Prostate cancer can often be managed without aggressive surgery or radiation — as long as men are willing to take charge of their disease and make some serious lifestyle changes.

Generation C

For adolescents and young adults, cancer wreaks havoc in insidious and profound ways. With little improvement in survival rates compared to all other age groups, 20-somethings also face severe social and emotional issues related to loneliness and isolation. Survivorship experts Read On


When Tony Tommasi had a seizure in 2004, a tennis-ball-sized tumor was found in his brain. His wife-to-be, Heather, knew where to turn. She’d been there before.