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Weight and Measures

The relative fat mass (RFM) index may replace the body mass index (BMI) as the new standard for determining healthy weight.

Diabetes Disparity

Genetic Differences Might Drive Diabetes Development Illustration: Davide Bonazzi Diabetes disproportionately affects African-Americans and Mexican-Americans, with rates as high as 13 and 14 percent, respectively, compared to 7 percent for non-Latino whites. Lifestyle factors and insulin resistance play major roles Read On

The Diabetes Connection

Research at Cedars-Sinai shows cutting off specific nerves to the kidney actually could improve insulin’s effectiveness in the liver and have a positive outcome for diabetic patients.

The Hills Are Alive With Weight Loss

New research led by the Cedars-Sinai Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute shows the prevalence of obesity among men residing at higher elevations is less than in those living in lower elevations.

Inflammation Nation

Inflammation is at the root of many diseases, and humans are not the only ones fighting it. Bacteria also face many of the same challenges as patients with inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and pulmonary emphysema.

Beyond the Bench

CASE STUDY 7: At the Kitchen Table Mindy Mamelak has been assembling a lot of meals lately — boxes filled with fig bars, string cheese, pasta with meat sauce, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. It might sound like she’s Read On

On Diabetes

Driven by rising obesity levels, the type 2 diabetes epidemic is a ticking time bomb. We asked a variety of experts — from researchers and dietitians to surgeons and health educators — what changes they want to see in the Read On

Ten Breakthroughs in Ten Years

Explore a decade of advances made possible by stem cell research and the potential scientists see for the future.