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Metabolic Diseases

Beyond the Bench

CASE STUDY 7: At the Kitchen Table Mindy Mamelak has been assembling a lot of meals lately — boxes filled with fig bars, string cheese, pasta with meat sauce, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. It might sound like she’s Read On

A Bone to Pick With Diabetes

Diabetic patients may one day rely on their own bone marrow for treatment. Researchers have reversed diabetes in animal models using stem cells derived from marrow. The method is not ready for human use just yet, but it suggests that Read On

IBS a Threat to GI… Joe

A study has revealed a link between irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and food poisoning and shows that military personnel are at a much higher risk for the disorder than the rest of the population. IBS is the most common gastrointestinal Read On

An Antibiotic for IBS?

A much-awaited potential treatment developed at Cedars-Sinai shows promise of long-lasting relief for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferers. It uses the drug rifaximin, an oral antibiotic that is minimally absorbed, and therefore remains in the intestines to overcome abdominal pain Read On