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Wingspan Spreads

A specialized stenting system used to open blocked arteries in the brain could change how we treat strokes. Intracranial stenosis —a narrowing of brain arteries caused by the buildup and hardening of fatty deposits—can lead to strokes. Blood thinners, cholesterol Read On

Aluminum Foiled

The aluminum in your pots and pans wont give you Alzheimer’s disease. Nor do hair dyes cause brain cancer. But what about cell phones? And microwaves? Our neuroscience experts set the record straight on common myths and misconceptions surrounding brain diseases.


Chelsy Colangelo knows her brain is dying. “I’ve had a stroke! You have to help me!” But the plea collapses before reaching her lips. Instead, Chelsy’s frantic thoughts spin circles in a smoldering maze of circuits in her brain — only to crash, crumble, or vaporize in the glare of emergency room lights. Her brain is dying, and no one knows but her.

Head Cold

A potential new therapy to prevent crippling brain damage after a stroke could one day help save lives or prevent paralysis in millions of people globally.

Safe Landing for a Troubled Heart

Memories of the moon landing and a small, parachute-like cardiac device keep a 90 year-old former space-travel scientist young at heart.

The Art of Medicine

What do an iconic photographer, a celebrated orthopedic surgeon, and the pioneer of robot choreography have in common? An understanding of the vital role of artistry in medicine. Read On

When Good Protein Turns Bad

Although the protein thrombin ordinarily plays a positive role in blood clotting, it can actually damage brain cells after an ischemic stroke—the most common type of stroke, caused when an artery to the brain becomes blocked. To address the problem, Read On

Brain Freeze

Brain cooling, or hypothermia, is known to decrease brain swelling after an acute stroke. It can also save lives and prevent neurological damage after cardiac arrest and after oxygen deprivation in newborns. Now, the largest clinical trial of its kind Read On