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Mend the Gap

Illustration: Joey Guidone What if you could coax broken bones to regrow their own tissue? A pioneering method combining stem cells and gene therapy may do just that. Severe fractures often create gaps too large for the bone to bridge Read On

A Step Ahead

Illustration: Sean McCabe 3-D printing paired with orthopedic research helps patients with a debilitating foot disease.  Investigators at Cedars-Sinai used 3-D printing to evaluate leading corrective methods for foot deformities caused by Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which affects nerve function in the Read On

Safer Heart Surgeries

Cedars-Sinai scientists are collecting data — and damaged cells — from heart transplant patients to improve recovery. Open-heart surgery is a lifesaving procedure commonly performed in the U.S. to replace failing hearts, bypass clogged arteries, and repair leaky valves. While Read On

Beyond the Bench

Clinical research is breaking out of the lab and into the world. Investigators make house calls, study trauma bays, partner with barbershop owners and community organizations, and tap into fundamental human experiences. Meet the new faces of medical research in Read On

Digital Radiography’s Hip Factor

Until recently, the success of a total hip replacement could only be accurately evaluated after the surgeon left the operating room. Orthopedic surgeon Brad Penenberg, MD, is changing that. Software he designed helps measure placement accuracy during an operation. His Read On

Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion

Take our guided tour of Cedars-Sinai’s newest healthcare destination—designed to help clinicians work smarter, scientists brainstorm better, and patients heal faster. And meet some of the donors, patients, physicians, scientists, nurses, volunteers and service providers who bring the new facility to life.

Hip to the Fix

Debra Hambleton left Cedars-Sinai recently with a new right hip – and the honor of being the first patient to undergo surgery in the Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion. Debra, who lives in Oxnard, had her right hip replaced on Friday, Read On

Fearless Fighters

What do former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley and Armando E. Giuliano, MD, share? The close bond inspired by nearly a decade as patient and doctor—and the tenacity to battle breast cancer. Read On