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To Be Precise

Illustration: Raul Arias

Medicine has never had more power than it does at this very moment: power to detect, diagnose, prevent, and heal. While ancient Greek physicians aimed to defeat diseases (and even bad moods) by adjusting a patient’s unique balance of four humors, today’s clinicians use more sophisticated methods.

An ever-deepening understanding of genetics and the molecular function of cells, along with radical advances in computer technology, are heralding a profound transformation in personalized health. Physicians and investigators are developing individualized modes of treatment. They are refining the art of prediction. And they are clearing a path to your health that is as distinctive as your fingerprint. This is the promise of precision medicine: to offer the right treatment to the right patient at the right time — every time. From cancer and back pain, to Fitbits and megabytes — we bring you to the front lines of a scientific revolution.

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