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beat-goes-onThe Beat Goes On

A heart transplant can save patients like Jim Stavis from near-death and return them to a normal life. The next challenge: making a new heart last a lifetime.

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When Tony Tommasi had a seizure in 2004, a tennis-ball-sized tumor was found in his brain. His wife-to-be, Heather, knew where to turn. She’d been there before.

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Metabolic Diseases

A Bone to Pick With Diabetes

Diabetic patients may one day rely on their own bone marrow for treatment. Researchers have reversed diabetes in animal models using stem cells derived from marrow. The method is not ready for human use just yet, but it suggests that Read On

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toastAluminum Foiled

The aluminum in your pots and pans wont give you Alzheimer’s disease. Nor do hair dyes cause brain cancer. But what about cell phones? And microwaves? Our neuroscience experts set the record straight on common myths and misconceptions surrounding brain diseases.

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hip-factorDigital Radiography’s Hip Factor

Until recently, the success of a total hip replacement could only be accurately evaluated after the surgeon left the operating room. Orthopedic surgeon Brad Penenberg, MD, is changing that. Software he designed helps measure placement accuracy during an operation. His Read On

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Regenerative Medicine

breakthroughsTen Breakthroughs in Ten Years

Explore a decade of advances made possible by stem cell research and the potential scientists see for the future.

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Women's Health

10 Big_Ideas_23010 Big Ideas

What ideas are shaping tomorrow’s medicine? What are the coming innovations in treating heart disease and cancer? What is the latest thinking in genetics and regenerative medicine? From the minds of our scientists and clinicians, we bring you 10 noteworthy, thought-provoking ideas that have the potential to transform medicine. Read On

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