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Uncle Sam Wants You(r Exercise Routine)

One million U.S. residents will soon volunteer their personal medical information to science. President Barack Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative in 2015 to, as he said, “bring us closer to curing diseases like cancer and diabetes.”

Some $215 million was allocated to the project, with $130 million earmarked for the National Institutes of Health to build a large-scale research participant group. Volunteers will donate their medical records, genetic data, and environmental and lifestyle information as part of the initiative, which promises to accelerate biomedical discovery.

President Obama touted the benefits of the effort when he spoke about it in January last year. “If we’re born with a particular disease or a particular genetic makeup that makes us more vulnerable to something … that’s not our destiny, that’s not our fate. … We can remake it. That’s who we are as Americans. And that’s the power of scientific discovery.”

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