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  • Cedars-Sinai Historical Conservancy

    Since its inception in 1902, Cedars-Sinai has evolved to become the largest nonprofit hospital in the western United States.

    The Historical Conservancy at Cedars-Sinai has been created to collect, restore, preserve, archive and exhibit artifacts and documents related to the founding and development of the medical center and to illuminate its historical significance within, and our ties to, the greater Los Angeles and Jewish communities.

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  • Keith Black & The First Eye Test for Alzheimer’s

    Chair of Neurosurgery Keith L. Black, MD, lost his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease. His personal tragedy has motivated a groundbreaking invention, based on the research of Maya Koronyo, PhD and Yosef Koronyo, MsC, LLB, that will result in the first ever eye test for Alzheimer’s. This non-invasive, inexpensive, 10-15 minute eye exam detects the hallmark of Alzheimer’s – Amyloid plaques – in the retina up to 20 years before the disease becomes symptomatic. This incredible screening test, manufactured by NeuroVision, will enable the prevention of Alzheimer’s via lifestyle modification and will also track the efficacy of experimental treatments.

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  • The Sound of Musing

    What happens when a neuron fires? Ueli Rutishauser, PhD, explains.

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  • Meeting Minds with Keith L. Black, MD

    Dr. Keith Black talks about what it is like to be a brain surgeon, and discusses innovative advancements in the field. Hear from two of his patients in Connected from the Winter 2014 edition of Discoveries magazine.

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