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  • Kidney Swap

    Juan was diagnosed with a congenital kidney disease, and only a kidney transplant would save his life. Mark volunteered to anonymously donate one of his kidneys at Cedars-Sinai’s Comprehensive Transplant Center.

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  • A Lifetime of Fighting Cancer

    After losing his father to cancer at age 13, Robert Figlin, MD, deputy director of Integrated Oncology at Cedars-Sinai, turned his childhood tragedy into a career of breakthroughs — bringing the newest precision treatments to patients, faster. Learn about breakthroughs and challenges of immunotherapy in The Weapon Inside from the Spring 2017 issue of Discoveries magazine.

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  • Keith Black, MD, and The Synaptive Device

    Keith L. Black, MD, chair of Neurosurgery, discusses a cutting-edge technology that maps the brain’s pathways during surgery. Read more about Dr. Black and the BrightMatter Guide in Seeing Through the Machine’s Eye from the Spring 2017 issue of Discoveries magazine.

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  • Symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    Pioneering research led by Sumeet Chugh, MD, is shedding light on symptoms related to sudden cardiac arrest that appear in the month preceding this often-fatal event. For more about the first steps toward preventing sudden cardiac arrest, read Storm Chasers from the Fall 2016 issue of Discoveries magazine.

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