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We Need This Stat

86Students from Johns Hopkins, Yale, and Cornell were among the 86 new residents who came to Cedars-Sinai last summer. Cedars-Sinai recruited residents from 46 different U.S. medical schools, from Hawaii to New York.

90In 2011, 90 percent of Cedars-Sinai liver transplant patients reached the one-year post-surgery milestone, giving the Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Transplant Center the highest one-year liver transplant survival rate in Los Angeles County.

400More than 400 patients are on the waiting list for a liver at Cedars-Sinai, and more than 20,000 patients are listed at California transplant centers. Because of insufficient donated organs to meet the need, 18 people die each day in the U.S. while awaiting organ transplants; a new name is added to the national waiting list every 13 minutes.

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